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On Purpose Series On Purpose

Feb 16&17 - Nathan LaBorie
Staying focused and on target takes…

Off Purpose & Communion Series Off Purpose & Communion

Feb 9&10 - Nathan LaBorie
We all live lives filled with distraction…

The Purpose Series The Purpose

Feb 2&3 - Robert Hah
When God created humans He did so for a…

The Promise Series The Promise

January 26 & 27 - Robert Hahn
Promise is at the core of all family…



From man’s first days, every person has had an inner desire to live a life of purpose, a deep-rooted belief
that it mattered you were here.

Everybody's Family

To most of us, family often means the people under our roof. To Jesus, family meant “whoever does the will of My Father.” Let’s start 2019 b

No Re•Solutions

Start 2019 by rejecting the RE • SOLUTIONS and instead pursue the REAL SOLUTION found only in life with Christ.


It’s natural to think of family during Christmas, but often the truth is that we aren't able to be with family during this season.


As we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, let’s turn our focus to desiring more of Christ. Not more stuff.

I Have A Question

For the next weeks, you
pick the subject and we respond.

To See People As God Sees People

When we see people as God sees people, we come to a deeper appreciation of how all people do matter – regardless of where they are.

No Turning Back

One of the great aspects of the Bible is that the people in it, are just that: people.


Here’s a radical suggestion: What if Christians were the most unoffendable people on the planet?

The Art Of Worship

God created us to worship. The ability and desire to worship resides in each human being.

In Real Life

For the next six weeks are going to take an unvarnished, honest look at what the Bible teaches about what happens In Real Life.

Beautiful - Easter

This Easter, together let’s be reminded, regardless of our past, through Christ we all can be beautiful.


As we turn our attention towards the Book of 1 Peter, our goal is just that – to get grounded.


No other New Testament book challenges God’s people to live like God’s people the way the book of James does.